Tuesday 16th June

I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the lovely weather.

First some information about Covid 19 produced by Gloucester County Council.


Also a list to a list of questions and answers they have complied for parents and carers about school opening in Gloucestershire


Tuesday 2nd June

Welcome back to another term. I hope you had a lovely half term week and were able to enjoy the lovely weather. I sent out some new learning packs right before the holiday for my phonic group children which will keep them going but from now on packs for both my phonic and basic skills groups will be delivered fortnightly with the FSM deliveries so look out for them.


Miss Morrison has recommended a website where JK Rowling is releasing chapters of her new book. Children are being asked to read each chapter and design an illustration to go with the writing, parents can submit the work and any proceeds from the book are going to support Covid-19 relief efforts. See the year 4 blogs for more details.


Wednesday 3rd June

June 1st -7th is Child Safety Week. Click on the link to find advice, activities and resources you can use at home https://www.capt.org.uk/Pages/Category/child-safety-week

Monday 11th May

Welcome to SENCO spot. Hopefully most of you will know me. My name is Mrs. Thackeray and I am the SENCO at St. Paul’s. Its my job to oversee the day to day operation of the school’s SEN policy. I coordinate the provision for children on the schools SEN register ensuring that, wherever possible we work to remove the barriers to the children’s learning using the LA’s graduated approach.

I wanted to create a blog so I can direct parents with children on the schools SEN register to useful sites or information to help manage your time with your children at home. I will also be adding activities for The basic skills groups and phonics group who usually work with me at school. Feel free to email me with any questions or queries at senco@st-pauls.gloucs.sch.uk

Below I have attached some simple ideas for multi sensory learning:

Here are some sites to access that will encourage active learning

Click here   

This is a site from the Royal Horticultural Society with lots of ideas to try while the days are warm and sunny.

This is an outdoor classroom website that can be assessed by parents /carers and is full of  activities that can be done at home.

Click here


Just a few ideas of fun things to do with your children aimed at SEN but good for Phase 1 and Ks1 children too. Have fun!

SEN workpack upload PDF[19717]